Studio Progress: I (sort of) have wardrobes!

I won’t even share with you the time I spent in my studio yesterday standing, watching, and thinking about the floor design decision. It’s embarassing. After wasting way too much time trying to come to a decision, I finally decided things might be a lot clearer if I could see cabinets in place. So I … Read more

At a particularly strong Cannes Film Festival, women’s desires attract attention

“May December” centers on Elizabeth (Portman), a popular television actress who will star in a film about a teacher, Gracie (Moore), who has been imprisoned after being caught with the student. Gracie and the student, Joe (a Charles Melton revealer), were married and had several children. The film opens around the same time that Elizabeth … Read more

Kim Kardashian Crashes Over Kanye West in ‘The Kardashians’

Kim Kardashian Reveals Her True Feelings About Ex-Husband Kanye West in Hulu’s New Season The Kardashians. In the first episode of season three, which was released today, Kardashian realizes how she suffered emotionally because of the rapper, especially after their divorce, during a tearful conversation with mom Kris Jenner. . She also discusses her frustrations … Read more

Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Kill Bill’, ‘Jackie Brown’ Rights at Lionsgate – Deadline

Everett-Collection Lionsgate today announced its partnership with Quentin Tarantino for the distribution rights to three of the director’s iconic films – Kill Bill Volumes I & II And Jackie Brown. Starting with reservoir dogsa favorite of the Lionsgate library for nearly 20 years, “we’ve expanded what is now Hollywood’s largest portfolio of Tarantino films to … Read more